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X-Kote service at PRPGUYS of Edmonton
X-Kote service at PRPGUYS of Edmonton

X-kote… not just a clear coat!

We are an authorized dealer of X-kote Paint Renewal Systems, which is the very first hand applied 2 component Polyurethane clear coat. Rather than sprayed on clear coats our X-kote product has the ability to self level, leaving a glass like appearance. X-kote’s proprietary chemical adhesion process gives you lasting results . The difference is clearc oats that are sprayed on, adhere mechanically. This means they rely on a sanded or scuffed up surface to adhere. Without this sanding or scuffing process, the clear coat will peel off. X-kote adhesion however, is a chemical process. This type of adhesion is much stronger, and allows for application without sanding or scuffing. It is also 100% consistent, meaning there are no weak points such as around door handles or key cylinders like you would have with a mechanical adhesion, so you don’t have to worry about the clear coat delamination.

This revolutionary product permanently repairs scratches and scuffs, while bringing faded, weathered paint back to its original factory lustre. We perform our process in a timely manner so that you can have your vehicle back on the road quickly and at a fraction of the cost for body shop alternatives. The end result looks, feels, and shines better than the original paint . Our X-kote product is 100% paint shop compatible and can be painted over at any time.

Automotive Paints Facts… and the X-Kote difference you will love!

Most automotive paints consist of a base coat and a clear coat on top. The clearcoat is like a lens and creates the perception of depth. Over time that clearcoat is dulled or swirled, losing the shine and deep color you loved. Other applications such as Gelcoats and single stage paints, have no clear coat and lack the depth of a 2 stage (basecoat/clearcoat) paint. Our X-kote process brings your vehicle back to its brilliant shine. The clarity and depth of the paint is completely maximized. X-Kote creates an incredible deep wet look while giving you the UV protection you need . UV damage is the primary cause of fading and oxidation and something a clear coat will simply not provide.

Boats, RV’s and Airplane Paint Facts

Boats, RV’s and Airplanes are commonly painted with a polyester coating such as gelcoat, or a single stage paint without a clear coat. These paints have very little UV protection, and as a result, they tend to oxidize and fade very quickly. Until now, the only answer was to repaint, or continually buff the surface, which has very temporary results and requires continual maintenance. X-kote not only renews the finish, it also gives it far superior UV protection to stop it from oxidizing and fading. Many comment that the shine and finish is better than new.

Lasting results

X-kote is the superior automotive clear coat which lasts many years. Wax , polish or sealants do not last and will soon wash or wear off,wasting your time and money.

X-kote and the environment

Our Hand application of X-Kote not only produces superior results but also has less impact on our environment. An entire car can be completely covered with less product than it would take to spray a bumper with conventional body shop methods. Less product equals less V.O.C.s emitted into our air and is therefore better for our environment.

X-Kote ……Superior lasting results that have you on the road in no time !

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