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X-Kote service at PRPGUYS of Edmonton
X-Kote service at PRPGUYS of Edmonton

Drive in a vehicle that will surely catch the neighbourhood’s attention! Visit us PRPGUYS in Edmonton, Alberta for top-of-the-line paint restoration solutions. We use X-Kote® to repair the damaged paint in order to bring back your vehicle’s original shine.

Details of your X-kote service:

  • Wash and prep the vehicle
  • Remove all road grime, tar, sap and any other anomalies on the finish
  • Clay bar the vehicle, if required
  • Wet sand any heavily damaged areas
  • Cut polish the entire finish
  • Degrease and wash one more time
  • Dry your vehicle appropriately
  • Mask off the vehicle as if it were going into a body shop paint booth
  • Perform the X-kote® application and allow it to dry overnight. Repair chips and any other damage to your car, with appropriately color matched paint.

  • Finally, polish and wax the vehicle’s newly X-koted finish
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Why X-kote?

  • Our product adheres to your vehicle’s factory clear coat and thickens it, which provides an extra layer of protection
  • Allows permanent removal of scratches in factory clear coat without leaving damaging swirl marks from polishing
  • Provides additional UV protection to the paint that’s on your vehicle
  • Maximizes the clarity and depth of the paint
  • X-kote is a superior finish to polishing compounds, silicone based products and waxes
  • Quick turnaround time, usually within 24 hours

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